Helping the Heroes Who Helped Us

Providing the emotional, legal, and monetary support to officers who find themselves dealing with life changing challenges after having served their country with honor.

About us

Founded by Gregory Keough to help support officers and their families through difficult moments.

Gregory Keough is a former covert Operations Officer of the Central Intelligence Agency. He is one of the few living recipients of the CIA’s Intelligence Star a distinction awarded by the Director of the CIA for actions of “extraordinary heroism”.

We stand with you no matter what.

Standing with those who have served our country.

When those around you are afraid or dont have the means or experience to help. When no one is willing to hear and support you in your time of need after years of honorable service, Covert Warriors steps in and is there to help.

Support when it is needed most

Times Change But Our Values and Support Don’t

In this new world with it’s dramatic cultural and social changes our country has left exposed many of our finest warriors. Our society now is to quick to judge although most have not been in their boots nor know the incredible cost their service has taken on them, their families, and friends.

We believe these American Patriots need to be protected at all costs.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to support the covert warriors that gave everything for their country when called and now need your help as they and their families face challenges. Let us know if you will have their backs.

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Gregory Keough

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